I don’t know what it is about you.

Something in the way you laugh. The way your face creases as you smile. The way your hair falls, the sunlight makes your silhouette glow. In those moments your soul radiates so much innocence. Little do you know I’m falling so hard for you.

There’s days where I don’t think you deserve this kind of love. The kind of love that can be put into words. Written down in poems and typed up in paragraphs. Don’t let that sound egotistical. That’s far from what I mean.

I just have so much to give and I wonder if you take advantage of that.

I wonder if you actually cherish me. You tell me you do but do you think of me that way I think of you. Do you admire my laugh? Do you think of me when making your daily decisions? Do you notice the way my eyes glow when the sunlight kisses them? Do you ever just stop and think of me as a human being? A living, breathing, handmade, one of kind, clumsy, admirable human.

I don’t think I’ve ever loved like this, and it’s terrifying.

My favorite part about you is how human you are. You don’t know how to handle your emotions. You feel ways that you can not describe. You become easily frustrated, you cry, you get upset, you overthink. You’re protective, and irrational. You make mistakes, act on your instincts, desire attention and feel regret.

You’re a piece of art.

An extraordinary piece of art.



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