Even After Knowing the Risks

What is love?

The concept of love is something all humans try to grasp if not obsess over. We all believe that one day we will find someone who will love us and everything will be great and we’ll all live happily ever after. Its a cheesy, over played, old, boring subject. There’s books on it. Movies on it. Classes and therapy for it.The idea of love is everywhere.

I have an entire journal based on my ideas and thoughts on love. An entire 7 years worth of what I believe love is. So what is love? At least through the eyes on a 19 year old girl. I’ve dedicated myself to 3 boyfriends, one who I remain with now, 2 best friends and a god baby.


Love is, thinking about someone while making all your actions. You take into account how everything you do will effect another person. Love is, doing things that make another person happy. Going out of your way to make a person smile. Buying a bag of chips while your out because you know it’s their favorite. To envision their pure emotion of happiness brings you warmth. Love is reminding someone that they are beautiful and wonderful. That they too are worthy of all of life’s fairness.

Love is waiting for whom you may share your bed with, to fall asleep, so you can watch over them in their most vulnerable state. To know they will never truly know how thankful you are for them in those hours. Love is, making someone else smile even when it is so hard for you to smile. Even though life has exhausted you. It doesn’t matter because you are making someone else truly happy.

Love is doing things that bore you because it is someone else’e world. Love is, taking an interest in their passions because what ever makes them happy, makes you happy. Love is, being honest. Telling someone that you are uncomfortable even though its something that makes them happy because you need to love yourself as well. Love is also learning to make compromise.

Love is stepping into someone else’s shoes to understand their point of view. Love is switching seats at the doctors office because even though they haven’t spoken, you can see the sun hitting their eyes. Love is, watching them drive and admiring the way the sun lights up their face. Love is, listening to their music even when you don’t want to because it’s only fair.

Love is, touching them lightly to remind them that you admire their pure existence. Love is arguing. To remind each other that we are all different people, with different opinions. But love is accepting those opinions. Love is trust. Trusting the stories they tell are true.

To love someone is to take many risks. The risk that they may not love you back or that one day they may wake up and change their mind. The risk that they may die and you may have no one. The risk that when they leave not only will they take themselves but they will also take you. To love is to continue to love even after knowing all the risks.

I could truly continue this list forever but today is not that day.

I love you.


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