I’m attracted to a story. To someone whose soul has traveled places others rarely return from. That being said I guess where I first knew I loved your soul was when I looked into your eyes in a backyard on the outskirts of town at 3 am, under a starry summer night. We were both intoxicated which made reality feel much more blissful. We talked about life, love, lust, and you were more than just a casual bystander. You were just as lost as me.

Leading up to one of life’s moments where you can’t really explain why things are happening, I packed my stuff and began to wonder. I wondered to places I never thought I’d be and to my surprise you followed. Our time together began to grow and while I laughed and drank, you watched. You laughed with me and you danced with me at a house in the woods and somewhere in between coming in and out of reality, I began to watch you. Still to this day, I don’t know what it was about you that made me want to know more about you. I remember telling you, your soul has things about it that you don’t even to see, your soul was absolutely stunning.

Among the highs and the tears, I loved you. I cared about you.

As summer began to grow colder, we made it very clear that we wanted to focus on each other, we had desires to grow together and take on this portion of life on as a team.  I decided to pack my bags once more and take off. Once more you followed and we spent the remainder of warm days together in the sunshine, windows down in your car, driving through a small town.

Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. I followed you home and your bed became a safe place and your arms were open to me every night. You’ve taught me patience. You’ve taught me strength and, in return I’ve taught you love and stability. I’ve learned you’d rather pretend problems don’t exist and I don’t think you’ll ever talk about your past. Although I am a person who feeds off of the knowledge of other people, I’m growing to accept that I’ll probably never know much because that’s just who you are and that’s okay.

I see so much of myself in you, and I think that’s why my understanding of your actions are so patient. So much weighs on your soul and I understand, there are many days that I just lay underneath all the blankets on your bed and cry when your not home. I’m still so lost and that’s okay. I know that you may never read this and that being said my love for you is unconditional, you have been an amazing friend and a gracious companion, you’ve taught me so much in bettering myself.

So, as winter grows colder and Christmas nears, may our journey continue and let life treat us fairly.

I love you.


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