Somewhere in between faded nights and blurry mornings, I fell in love. There was something about being careless that infatuated me. Drinking heavy amounts of liquor and rocking an over sized sweater, grey underwear, on a back porch in the middle of the woods with 7 other people is a story in itself.

These people were all nothing but lost souls feeling out their way on this planet we call Earth. There was something about laughing together and looking to the stars that helped numb that tragedy that was all lying within ourselves. Racing on back roads together because what did we have to lose. Drinking and smoking as soon as we could stand in the morning always meant for a good day.

I fell in love with the those barefoot days, feeling my toes on a gas pedal because what was the point of shoes when we were headed straight for the beach. I fell in love when I was sitting in the back seat with all the windows down, a shitty car stereo blaring overrated pop music, smiling as i looked into eyes that were just as crazy as mine. I fell in love with the sunshine that hit of my face as my hair was tied in knots by the wind in an overcrowded parking lot, buying things that were beyond the necessary.

I fell for the lust, the adventure and the sunshine. In my eyes i had nothing to lose, only moments to gain.


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